26 September, 2011

A long hard day...

Day before yesterday was the Rio Abajo Day festival. Basically, a celebration of the coming of Autumn. I wish I could have enjoyed a bit of the festivities, but it was just as interesting taking part in it. Shared a 10x10 foot space with my mother so we could take a go at selling the jewellery and things we've been making. Setup started at 7am, and we arrived about 15 past.

Full set up time from start to finish, getting the canopy up, tables up and all the stuff set up.. we were done just before the festival was set to begin. Took around 2.5 hours.

We had a lot of lookers and admirers throughout the day, many I believe would have bought more had it not been the end of the month in a small town. But we made a fair bit out of the deal, at least enough to make up for the effort we put in. It was worth it, all in all.

There was a couple at an info booth next to us all day who kept chatting with us and bought some stuff from me. The woman got two pairs of my origami crane earrings, red and blue, and wore one of each for the rest of the day to go with her red and blue shirt. It was so amusing when I suggested the idea to her and she actually did it. The man, when he saw the yin-yang cellphone charms I had, said he had been looking for a yin-yang necklace for years and was surprised how few people even knew what a yin yang even was these days. I told him I'd make him a necklace, which I proceeded to drop what I was doing and make. He was so close to tears when he put on the finished necklace. I do believe Eternal Dreamer made at least one persons dreams come true. ^^

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